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The New Brunswick Physical Education Society (NBPES) was created in 1998-99 following the demise of the former NBTA Health and Physical Education Council.  In 1997 the NBTA had decided to move from a 19 Subject Council organization to a 3 Council Organization (Elementary, Middle & High School).  It was felt that with this change, Physical Educators would not have an organization that would provide academic leadership, adequate professional development, and a collective voice. Therefore, five individuals, Gary Crossman, Gordie Hopkins, Norm Russell, Ken Taylor and Garth Wade met and created the NBPES. The goals were to: 1) act as a voice for professionals of Physical Education and Health, 2) support the profession as an information delivery system, and 3) provide professional development opportunities for our members.  In short, to Advocate for Quality Physical Education.


The first move for the NBPES at that time was to create an opportunity for professional development.  The “Remember When” Conference became that event.  The name was chosen to remind our Physical Educators of our past: “Remember When all Physical Education teachers (K-12) would assemble and share in Professional Development”.   The brand grew and our annual conference continues to be called “Remember When”.  During those initial years, the conference was hosted by the District 18 Mentor team with strong support from District 17, the Department of Education and the University of New Brunswick. Planning and organization of the conference now rotates among our major municipalities and Districts and is a strong professional growth event.  NBPES also wanted to maintain its connection to our national organization (CAHPERD – now PHE Canada). Our President sits as a member of the PHE Canada Council of Provinces which meets two to three times per year. We also keeps close contact with the Department of Education.


Today, NBPES is continuing to work on its 5 Priorities for 2010-2013:

  1. The continued development & building of Quality Health and Physical Education in New Brunswick.
  2. The “Remember When” Conference will continue as our Professional Growth vehicle.
  3. To develop and Nurture Partnerships with allied organizations.
  4. Communication – to develop a vibrant NBPES blog/website.
  5. Leadership Capacity Building


NBPES is a strong and capable organization and the dedicated volunteer executive members are working on our membership’s behalf to make the above priorities a success.