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Executive Members

Ross Campbell : President

Ross Campbell


Currently in the 12th year of a teaching career that has  included roles of K-12  Physical Education Specialist, Health Education, Leadership, K-12 Guidance, Resource, High School Science and 4 years of teaching Physical Education and Counseling in the Education Faculty of UNB.  I am a three time national and multiple time provincial conference presenter, winner of the Andy Anderson PHE Canada Young Professional award and winner of the New Brunswick Ken Taylor award for volunteer service to Physical Education and Health locally, provincially and nationally. Areas of strength would be in Adapted Physical Education for Physical, Emotional and Behavioral disabilities, Health Promotion, International games,  Dance and Physical Literacy to name a few.  Since 2012 I have been serving as the Physical Education and Health Lead for Anglophone West School district.

Robin Buchanan :

Robin Buchanan

Currently in 16th year of teaching Physical Education in N.B. A member of NBPES Executive since 2005. Taught P.E. at the Elementary, Middle, and High School Levels throughout education career. District Physical Education Mentor for 8 years. Strong promoter for Healthy Active Living Skills/Lifestyle, International Sports/Games and Adapted Physical Activity. Partner with Para Sport NB and Special Olympics NB.

Norm Russell :

Norm Russell

I began my teaching career in 1990 at Sunbury West School in Fredericton Junction, following a number of years in the field of recreation. In 1991 I hosted my first HPEC Fall Subject Council Day and in one form or another, I have been at it ever since. I have served in every official (and unofficial) executive role in both the NBTA HPEC and, after the fall of 1997 the NBPES, most recently as Treasurer and Scribe. Over the years I have had the privilege to represent the province on the CAHPERD Council of Provinces, the CAHPERD Executive Council and the Comprehensive School Health steering committee. Time well spent.I am currently the Health and Physical Education Coordinator for Anglophone West School District where it has been, once again, a privilege to work for so many dedicated and talented Physical Education professionals.

Janice Johnson-Bos :

Janice Johnson-Bos

Janice Johnson-Bos has been involved with the NBPES for about 6 years. She began her teaching career in the Anglophone East district in 1999 and has taught Physical Education full-time at Salisbury Elementary School in the Anglophone East District since 2006. During this time, Janice also worked temporarily as the district’s PE Mentor. While in the mentor’s position, she co-chaired the 2011 Remember When conference held in Moncton. This year Janice is Acting Vice-Principal at Queen Elizabeth School in Moncton but also teaches PE. Janice received a BPE (Recreation) in 1983, a BEd in 1985, and a MPE from UNB in 1988. She looks forward to continued service to members of the NBPES.

Sarah Kalemkiarian :

Sarah Kalemkiarian

I attended UNBF and graduated with Bachelors Degrees in Kinesiology and Education. After graduating in 2006 I relocated to Saint John to supply teach and was able to move into a Physical Education Specialist role in 2008 and have been working at Bayview Elementary School every year since. I currently teach both Physical Education and Grade 5 Math. I will be returning this year after almost 15 months of maternity leave from my second child. I am now a proud mom of two, Zander who’s 3 and Grace who’s 1! Looking forward to another great year!

Garth Wade : Past President

Garth Wade

Past President

Garth was a founding member of NBPES and has represented the Society in many roles since its inception. Garth has been recognized by NBPES with the Dr. John Meagher Award and the Ken Taylor Memorial Award for his service to the field of Health and Physical Education in the Province of New Brunswick. Garth has also been recognized for his work at the National Level by PHE Canada, receiving its Young Professional Award, R. Tait MacKenzie Honour Award and recently inducted into the North American Society for Health and Physical Education for outstanding contributions to the profession. The Canadian Intramural and Recreation Association (CIRA) presented Garth with its Founders Award for outstanding work in Intramurals. Garth enjoys coaching and has coached both boys and girls at the elementary, middle, high school and university level. He continues today, coaching at the local High School level. Garth continues to sit on many allied organizations that support physical activity and healthy eating. Garth began his career 33 years ago as a Physical Educator and has held positions of Vice-Principal, Physical Education Mentor, Learning Specialist for Health & Physical Education, Director of Education during that time and is now the Senior Education Officer for the Fredericton Education Centre in the Anglophone West School District.

Lynn Randall :

Lynn Randall

Lynn Randall is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at UNB where teaches elementary and secondary physical education methods courses. She received an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education degree from Brock University, a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education from UNB, and a PhD in Education from the Ohio State University. She co-authored the ‘Tennis in Schools’ document produced for Tennis Canada is co-editor of the forth coming textbook (tentatively titled) ‘Teaching Physical Education in Canadian Schools’.When she is not watching one of her kids athletic events, she likes to spend her free time golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Alex Yaychuk :

Alex Yaychuk

Alex graduated from the University of New Brunswick and has been teaching
physical education and coaching various sports for 6 years at the Middle level.
He is a strong promoter of lifelong fitness, adapted physical education,
teaching strategy concepts through games and using technology as an assessment
tool in physical education. Alex is new to the NBPES executive and is eager to
have an immediate positive impact on health and physical education within the
NBPES organization.