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NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award Winners

The criteria for the recipient of the NBPES Physical Educator District Teacher of the Year Award is as follows:

The recipient will:

  • Be a member in good standing with the NBPES
  • Be a trained Physical Education Specialist through credentials.
  • Conduct a quality Physical Education program as reflected in PHE Canada’s definition.
  • Serve as a positive role model in personal health and fitness.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • A minimum of five years teaching experience in Phys. Ed., full time, part time or on a regular basis as a classroom teacher
  • Hold a full time teaching contract and be teaching Phys. Ed. full time, part time, or on a regular basis to their classroom.
  • Has made a significant contribution to the field of Physical Education at the local level.

2015 NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award Winners

ASD East                Charlotte Love                        Riverview High School

ASD South             Matthew Throop                     Hampton High School

ASD North             Marcy Downey                       North and South Esk Elem. School

ASD West               Tim Randall                            Leo Hayes High School

2014 NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award Winners

ASD North             Denis Boucher                     Lord Beaverbrook Elementary

ASD South              Heather Feicht-Wade       Champlain Heights School

ASD East                 Julie MacPhail                    Riverview East School

ASD West                Tanye Moore                       Barkers Point School


2013 NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award Winners

ASD South (6)                        Sean Kelley                  Lakefield Elementary School

ASDSouth (8)                        Chris Tobin                   Forest Hills School

ASD South (10)                      Rachel Sullivan           Fundy High School

ASD East (2)                          Paula Gaudet               River East School

ASD North (15)                      Trevor Glazier             Jacquet River School

ASD North (16)                      Tammy Stewart           Miramichi Valley High School

ASD West (14)                       Heather Dexter            Saint Mary’s Academy

ASD West (17)                       Robin Buchanan          Oromocto High School

ASD West (18)                       Lee MacDougall           New Maryland Elementary School

2012 NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award winners

ASD South (6)                        Louise Bouffard                     Rothesay Elementary School

Heather Allen Murdock          Rothesay Elementary School

ASD South (8)                        Lori Pattison                           Barnhill School

ASD South (10)                      Greg Deering,                         St. George Elementary   School

ASD East (2)                          Michelle Dobbin                     Salem Elementary School

ASD North (15)                      Mae Cameron                          Sugarloaf Senior High  School

ASD North (16)                      Jamie Henderson                     North and South Esk Elementary School

Denise Pugh                            Nelson Rural School

ASD West (14)                       Dave Mahar                            Centreville Community School

Tony McLean                          John Caldwell High School

ASD West (17)                       Cindy Keizer                            Summerhill Elementary

ASD West (18)                       Jon Lim                                   Harvey Elementary School


2011 NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District 2                                 Brent Smith                           Queen Elizabeth School

District 6                                 Michelle Brenton                    Dr. A.T. Leatherbarrow Primary

District 8                                 Sarah DeWitt                          Bayview Elementary/Havelock Elementary

District 10                               Kevin Young                          St. Stephen High School

District 14                               Steve Dunn                              Nackawic Elementary School

District 15

District 16                               Rob Woodburn                       Bonar Law Memorial High

District 17                               Amanda Israel                         Assiniboine Elementary School

District 18                               Alex Yaychuk                         Nashwaaksis Middle School

2010 NBPES District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District 2                                 Lawrence Welling                   Port Elgin Regional School

Christoph Becker

District 6                                 Stacy Sampson                        Norton Elementary School

District 8                                 Dan Patterson                         Beaconsfield Middle School

District 10                               Wayne Veysey                        Grand Manan Community School

District 14                               Lisa Doucette                          Donald Fraser Elementary School

District 15                                Paul Daley                              Dalhousie Regional High School

District 16                               Lynn Carney                           North and South Esk Elementary School

District 17                               Catherine Bourque                  Hubbard Avenue Elementary School

Shannon Atherton                   Lower Lincoln Elementary School

District 18                               Stephen O’Rourke                  Fredericton High School




2009 NBPES School District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District 2                                 Krista Richard                         Forest Glen School

District 6                                Gerald Arseneault                   Kennebecasis Park Elementary School

Pierre Melanson                      Fairvale Elementary School

District 8                                Maurice Chevarie                   M Gerald Teed and Millidgeville North

District 10                                Reed Haley                             Milltown Elementary School

District 14                               Lori Purvis                              Centennial Elementary

District 15                               Kezia Stever                            Terry Fox Elementary School

District 16                               Kevin Scully                           Eleanor W. Graham Middle

District 17                               Amanda McMorran                Gesner Street School

District 18                               Jamie Chiasson                        Bliss Carman Middle School


2008 NBPES School District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District 2                                 Janice Johnson-Bos                 Salisbury Elementary School

District 6                                Greg Leland                            School District 6

District 8                                 Dave Shiels                             River Valley Middle School

District 10                              Bill Peppard                            St. George Elementary

District 14                               Rien Meesters                         Keswick Valley Memorial

District 15                               Alice Mann                             Bathurst High School

District 16                               Jim Waters                              Miramichi Valley High

District 17                               Larry Wood                            Oromocto High School

District 18                               Debbie Bradbury                    Harvey Elementary School


2006 NBPES School District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District 2                                 Leah Williams                         Hillsborough Elementary and Caledonia High School

District 6                                 Denis LeBlanc                         Rothesay Elementary School

District 10                               Patrick Zwicker                       St. Stephen Middle School

District 16                               Rodney Buggie                       Blackville School

District 17                               Keith Comitz                          Assiniboine Elementary

District 18                               Celinda Crandall                     Montgomery Street School


2007 NBPES School District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District 2                                 Cliff Steeves                           Riverview High School

District 6                                 Terry Wisdom                         Lakefield Elementary School

District 8                                 Pat Bastarache                                    District 8 P.E. Mentor

District 10                               Tim Davis                                Sir James Dunn Academy

District 14                               Gillian McIsaac                       Tobique Valley High School

District 15                               Ann Landry                            Parkwood Height Elementary

District 16                               Kimberley Bowes                   Rexton Elementary School

District 17                               David Best                              Minto Elementary/Middle

District 18                               Katie Black                             Harvey High School


2005 NBPES School District Teacher of the Year Award winners

District  2                                Bernie Donelle

District  6                                Brenda Leask

District  8                                Joanne Genge                          St. Patrick’s School

District 10                               Aldena Higgins Harris            Blacks Harbour Elem.

District 14                               Joy Hanson                             Southern Carlton Elem.

District 15                               Jamie Daye                              Campbellton Middle

District 16                               Colleen Barry                          Nelson Rural School

District 17                               Greg Tucker                            Cambridge Narrows

District 18                               Curry Smith                            Montgomery Street School